How it works

Our smart tenant screening is really easy to setup and use.

We’ve automated the screening process so you receive all the information you need to make informed leasing decisions in minutes.

Here are the basics of how it works:

Enter your screening criteria

List your credit and income¬†requirements for your ideal renter which generates an AppLink. AppLink is short for “application link” and is a unique URL that stores your rental application & screening requirements.

Share your AppLink

Since an AppLink is just a shortened URL, you can share it virtually anywhere! Include it with your listings or on your website and marketing materials directing renters on how to apply. You can also email it directly to potential renters from your dashboard.

Review your Renter Resumes

Each Renter Resume is directly compared to your screening criteria. The result is personalized recommendations so you can see how each applicant meets your criteria. You get email and in-app notifications within a minute with every new Renter Resume.

Select your next renter

Since you can directly compare all applicants, you can easily see who is the best for you. Now all you need to do is decide! Each applicant’s contact information can be found within your dashboard or you can notify them of your selection within the app.

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