Landlords & Pros

Where can I post an AppLink?
You can post your AppLink everywhere you advertise your property for rent. A potential renter only needs to copy/paste the URL into their browser to apply. Some of these sites include Craiglist®, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and more.

What information about an applicant will I receive?
You’ll receive a renter’s credit score & report, employer contact & income, as well as criminal and eviction histories. The resume also displays how each applicant meets the criteria you set, giving you personalized recommendations.

How much does your service cost?
There is no cost to you to screen tenants. Applicants are charged a $35 fee for background screening reports.

What makes you different from other online screening services?
We differentiate ourselves from the competition by innovating. Our product enables professionals and landlords to make leasing decisions faster than anyone else, with a quick glance at your dashboard. Your preferences for each property drives the matching process, so each AppLink is 100% customizable to your individual needs. It takes less than a minute to get set up, and the average time it takes a renter to apply is less than 5 minutes.

Is my information secure?
Our application assures your information stays secure, using high security & encryption protocols. All the data is hosted on a dedicated and isolated server.

Do I have to install additional software?
No! You don’t need ANY technical skills to use our service. It’s a cloud-based platform so there is no software to install, EVER!

Can I use your service from my smartphone?
We utilize responsive design, so our app works seamlessly on your smartphone, tablet, & desktop device.

Which data sources are used by your service?
Credit ​Score and Reports​: We access our credit information from one of the top three bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion).

Criminal history: A virtually instant multi-jurisdictional search of hundreds of millions state and county criminal records. This database is compiled from county courthouses, Department of Corrections (DOC), and Administration of the Court (AOC), and is bundled with our Global Security Watch List and Sex Offender Records database sources.

National Alias Search​:​ By using the full name history associated with the applicant’s SSN, deceptive applicant practices, such as omitting a prior name with a record, are prevented.

Eviction history:​ ​Evictions database provides critical information on an applicant’s residential leasing history, including past court actions, unlawful detainers, monetary judgments, and possession and property damage claims that have been filed in court. This background screening tool examines millions of eviction records that are collected for our database for your benefit.

What is included in the credit report?

Credit Score

“Type” and “date” of certain credit elements

Income-to-debt ratio

Trade-line payment history

Collection/charge off history

Bankruptcy history

Judgment history

Tax lien history