About us

Joshua Hines


Josh co-founded RenterResume after becoming frustrated with being a renter. It’s his personal goal to make the process of finding a renter or a new apartment more enjoyable, by leveraging technology.

Away from RenterResume headquarters, Josh enjoys volleyball, martial arts and talking to other entrepreneurs

Ashley Wilson


Ashley is a Realtor from a team of 3 that sold $60M over 2 years in the Baltimore market. This experience coupled with being a landlord herself has allowed her to experience the short-comings in the rental market firsthand.

Away from RenterResume, Ashley is an avid juicer and gym-goer who loves being outdoors.

Max Mathieu


Max wrote his first line of code more than 20 years ago and almost never stopped since then. After obtaining his M.S., his passion (and skills) for web development made him the CTO of a $250M company in few years.

Away from his computer – and his smartphone – Max enjoys playing piano and being with his family. And mowing the lawn. Not.


Why we're here


We’re a passionate team who wholeheartedly believes that the rental market should be easier to navigate. We’ve set out to build the best way for landlords and renters to connect, through data driven personalization.

We’re always looking to expand our team and network. If you’re interested in joining RenterResume, drop us a line by email: contact@renterresume.co